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Lifting frame P7

The Elematic Lifting Frame P7 is intended for lifting half-slabs off the bed onto a transportation wagon and from the transportation wagon to storage and onto a trailer. It attaches to a crane hook from a single lifting point.

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Lifting frame P7-5-5hs

Lifting capacity, total 50 kN
Lifting capacity, individual hook 4 kN
Distance between furthest lifting loops
Longitudinal 5 m (4 x 1.25 m)
Crosswise 1.2-2.5 m (2 x 0.6-1.25 m)


The Elematic Lifting Frame P7-5-5hs consists of a steel frame and 15 adjustable steel lifting hooks. Each hook can be turned 90-degrees to engage and disengage it. The lifting frame is manually operated and does not need electric power.

The lifting frame is fitted with a lifting chain with four legs. The lifting chain attaches to a single lifting hook on a crane.

The lifting frame can be disassembled to fit inside a container for transportation.

Note that the lifting frame is not intended for lifting slabs on a construction site.


The Elematic lifting frame P7-5-5hs meets EC Machine Directive requirements and comes with thorough and clear operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.

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