Lifting beam E9 - Elematic precast technology
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Lifting beam E9

The Elematic lifting beam E9 is designed to lift precast wall panels with a one-hook bridge crane inside a factory or in a stockyard.

Lfiting beam E9-10-6.5

Loading capacity 2 x 5.0 t
Distance between lifting points Adjustable from 1 to 6.5 m
Weight 1150 kg

The lifting beam E9 comes with two lifting hooks and it allows continuous manual shifting between extreme positions.

The lifting beam E9 has a lifting capacity of 2 x 5 t. When the beam is used to lift the maximum load, the lifting capacity of the crane must be 11.5 t at a minimum.


The lifting beam E9 meets EC Machine Directive requirements and comes with thorough and clear operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


Chains, belts

Hook with lifting capacity 10 t

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