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Lift E9

The Lift E9 has been specially designed for EDGE Wall production line. It moves cast tables into the curing chamber and the cured tables out.

Lift E9

Lifting capacity (mold + precast element) 22 t, 30t or 36t
Lifting speed, max. load 0.11 m/s


The curing chamber is served by the lifting device, which lifts and pushes the table onto the right position. After curing, the lifting device moves the table back to floor level.

The lift has three main motions. The crosswise motion transfers the lift from tower to tower along rails. The lifting motion lifts the lifting frame from level to level by cable hoist. The tables are transferred from the lifting frame to storage with friction wheels and pushing beam.

Automatic operation with overload prevention system is included.


The lift consists of steel frame, lifting frame, cable hoist, electric cabins. The lifting frame includes a door opening device for curing chamber. The lift is equipped with overload sensors and condition monitoring for the lifting system.

The compartments can be located on both sides of the lift.


The Lift E9 meets EC Machine Directive requirements and comes with thorough and clear operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


Steel construction of tower type curing chamber

Control system

Pulling/pushing beam to locate two molds one after another on both sides of the lift in the curing chamber

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