Cleaning machine E9 - Elematic precast technology
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Cleaning machine E9

The Elematic cleaning machine E9 is designed to clean the table surfaces before they are re-outfitted in precast wall production.

Cleaning machine E9-600c-4.0m

Length 2200 mm
Width 6100 mm
Height 2800 mm
Brushing width according to mold
Diameter of the brush 600 mm
Driving speed (adjustable) 0.2 m/s

Cleaning machine E9-600c-4.0f

Length 3000 mm
Width 5300 mm
Height 2950 mm
Brushing width according to mold
Diameter of the brush 600 mm
Table transfer speed 0.1 m/s

The Elematic cleaning machine E9 can move along the tracks longitudinally or have a fixed place in the carousel system. The difference between the two is that either the machine moves where the table to be cleaned is or the table is driven through the cleaning station.


The brushing wagon of the cleaning machine E9 moves laterally along the girder of the machine. The movements of the cleaning machine and the rotation of the brush are electrical. The brush is lifted up by aid of hydraulic cylinders. The cleaning machine E9 can be driven manually using control button.

Before using the cleaning machine E9, it is necessary to remove the previous outfitting and to turn the side forms.


Cleaning machine E9 meets all EC Machine Directive requirements and comes with thorough and clear operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


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