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Recessor E9

The Bathroom slab recessor E9 is designed to make recesses in hollow core slabs required for barrier-free access to the bathroom, floor heating, sewer connections, recessed ends, slope, or other purposes. The bathroom slabs can also be installed together to make bathroom modules.

Bathroom slab recessor E9-1200r

Slab height, max. 500 mm
Thickness of recessed slab, min. 135 mm
Length of recess, min. 400 mm
Length 5360 mm
Height 2200 mm
Weight 5300 kg
Casting speed 5 – 40 m/min
Concrete hopper volume 1.0 m3
Volume of water tank 0.1 m3
Connecting power 16 kW
Connecting voltage 400 V/50 Hz
Connecting voltage (USA) 480 V/60 Hz
Radio controlled
Power feed cable drum and cable

The machine crushes the upper flange of the slab by a mechanical crusher. The upper flange falls then down onto the lower flange. The machine has a hopper for dosing of concrete into the recess.

After casting of grouting concrete, the recess area is compacted with vibrating beams. Simultaneously, the ends of the recesses are formed and required length of hollow cores is filled. Water can be used to improve the workability of concrete.

During the whole process, the support side plates keep the width of a fresh hollow-core slab within the nominal measures.

The recess can be partially in crosswise direction.


In comparison to the alternative method, which includes installing lower hollow core slabs or half slabs, Bathroom slab recessor E9 helps you to save concrete. With the alternative method, more concrete needs to be poured on the construction site, because of a larger low slab area, which means bigger concrete consumption and longer drying time.


The Bathroom slab recessor E9 meets EC Machine Directive requirements and comes with thorough and clear operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.



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