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Ribbed slab

Ribbed slabs are thin concrete floor products like half slabs in their measures and usage. The ribbed slab is also a hybrid of precast preproduction and in-situ concrete at the construction site. 

Compared to in-situ concrete, ribbed slabs offer a light floor for spans more than 5 meters and work as a formwork for the final concrete topping. Due to its structure and lightweight, the ribbed slab is fast to install, allowing the creation of floors of different thickness.

The ribbed slab is a reinforced concrete slab, in which part of the concrete is substituted with light blocks, for example, polystyrene fill-ins or clay bricks, or the space between ribs is left as void. The ribs are situated parallel side-by-side, which increases the capacity before the topping is cast. Topping for ribbed slabs is always cast at the site to achieve a fully load-bearing floor.

A prestressed ribbed slab is wet cast by slipforming on a long bed line. The ribbed slabs can be manufactured on Elematic SEMI, PRO and EDGE Floor production lines.


Ribbed slabs are used as flooring elements in residential, social, and commercial construction. Ribbed slabs are useful in the construction of floors with high loading and spans more than 5 meters.

Advantages of the ribbed slab

  • Monolithic strength combined with precast
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Fire resistant
  • Fast to install

Production lines

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