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Lifting beam E9, automatic

The Elematic automatic lifting beam E9 is designed to lift precast wall panels inside a factory or in a stockyard.

Lifting beam E9-16-5a

Lifting capacity 2 x 8 t
Length 5500 mm
Weight approx. 1500 kg
Operating range 1000-5000 mm

The automatic lifting beam E9 improves work site efficiency and safety. It features remote-controlled, independently operated lifting hooks to mount the load. The hooks are easy to mount, and they provide a secure grip for safe lifting. The beam also features traffic lights that show when the grip is properly secured, and the load is good to go.

The lifting beam E9 has a lifting capacity of 2 x 8 t.


The lifting beam E9 is connected to an overhead crane equipped with one or two hooks as well as a radio remote control. Lifting is performed by driving the beam on top of the panel and positioning the hooks on the lifting loops, then fastening the hooks to the loops.

Lifting chains come as an accessory. The lifting hook unit and guide plates must be selected separately.


The automatic lifting beam E9 meets EC Machine Directive requirements and comes with thorough and clear operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


Lifting Hook Unit for Ø ≤35mm hooks:

  • Guide Plate (Narrow)
  • Guide Plate (Wide)

Lifting Hook Unit for Ø ≤50mm hooks:

  • Guide Plate (Narrow)
  • Guide Plate (Wide)

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