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Acotec panel

Acotec panels are precast, non-load bearing partition walls.They are room-high and 600-mm wide, with a tongue and groove design along the vertical edge. The panels are 6 times faster to install than traditional brickwork and twice as fast as blockwork.


Acotec partition walls are ideal for places where excellent sound insulation –  RW 38 – 48 dB – is key, such as apartment buildings, schools and hotels benefit from this type of partition walls. They are also well suited to bathrooms, kitchens and shower rooms thanks to their top-rate moisture resistance. Acotec partition walls meet the strictest of standards and requirements in terms of seismic durability, moisture and fire resistance (EI30 to EI120). They are fully recyclable.


The Acotec partition walls are fast, easy and safe to install. Building with them is 6 times faster than traditional brickwork and twice as fast as blockwork. Thanks to the industrialized production process,  Acotec partition walls have exact dimensions and completely flat surface meaning that no plastering is needed. The surface is also hard-wearing and provides a secure base for any mounting fixtures. In addition, the structure of the Acotec panels is thin, leaving more floor space to use for other purposes in the building. Their cavities offer a practical duct for electrical wires and water pipes.


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