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Acotec EDGE

The Elematic Acotec EDGE production line offers straightforward, fast and profitable production technology for light, non-load bearing, room-high partition walls. The line covers the entire production process from concrete batching all the way to overnight storage.


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Acotec EDGE line

Theoretical capacity 120 m2/h
Personnel 1-2
Production area 900 m2
Land area 3000-5000 m2
No. of base plates 500 pcs
End product length 2200-3400 mm
End product thickness 68-120 mm
End product width 600 mm (300 mm also available)

The Acotec EDGE line produces light, non-load bearing, room-high partition wall panels 2 200 mm to 3 300 mm long and 68 mm to 120 mm thick. The width of the panel is 600 mm, or as an option, 2 x 300 mm.

The EDGE is an advanced line with a production capacity of 120 m2/hour*. On an annual basis, this gives it a capacity of 150 – 240 000 m2 in one shift operation – enough to build partition walls for 1 500 – 2 000 dwellings.

The EDGE line only needs an area of 900 m2 for production, and the total land area required for operation is 3 000 – 5 000 m2. It requires 2 personnel to operate the line. The line can also be installed in existing facilities.

*Peak capacity. Maintenance stops (2 to 4 per shift) etc. not included.


The Acotec EDGE features fully automatic functions.

The key equipment included with the EDGE line is the same as for the PRO line: a fast, reliable and easy to maintain stationary extruder with three vibrators, compression and levelling equipment. The extruder is equipped with standard panel thickness sets of 68/75/85/92/100/120 mm according to selection. The line also includes a moving circular saw installed on a roller conveyor with a cutting speed of 10 m/min, a trimmer that can trim up to 20 cm from the panel length, a recycling function that recycles trimmed pieces and rejected slabs, a stacker that stacks the extruded products and their backing plates in 4 to 10-piece stacks on steel pallets and transfers the pallets for precuring, a restacker that lifts the finished products and separates B-quality panels, and a plate handler that feeds the plates back into the production process.

The Acotec EDGE also includes automatic curing with automatic pallet transfer and a fast curing process at high temperature in an insulated and humid curing chamber. It also includes automatic strapping and it automatically packs the finished product in plastic film. In addition, it can install safety wire into panels to prevent loose pieces of concrete from falling during installation or earthquakes.


Like all Elematic Acotec lines, the EDGE line is simple to install, run and maintain. It features an advanced production control system and a simple, modern user interface which displays detailed data about every function in the process. Various real-time reports – for production rate, running hours and more – are generated automatically. Each line is built from proven, standard components for highly reliable operation.

The line’s modular structure and integrated electricity with ETHERCAT bus system guarantee a short installation and start up time.


Acotec panel production on the EDGE line takes place in the following steps with automatic functions:

  • Batching & Mixing
  • Casting
  • Cutting
  • Trimming
  • Stacking
  • Recycling
  • Automatic curing
  • Restacking
  • Packing
  • Plate handling and cleaning

The Acotec panel production process starts with batching and mixing of concrete at an automatic batching and mixing station. The relatively dry aggregates are automatically batched into the mixer, after which cement and water are added to the mixture. After mixing, the concrete batch is fed onto the conveying system and conveyed to the line’s hopper.

The panels are then formed by a continuously operating extruder. The concrete is compacted onto thin base molds which are then automatically fed into the extruder as a continuous ribbon. The extruder compacts the concrete with extrusion screws and the top surface of the product is vibrated by a vibrating plate.

After extrusion, the panels are cut according to the base mold length. The circular saw cuts the fresh concrete on each base mold seam on the fly. When a piece needs to be trimmed, the fresh product is stopped at the specified point, and the manually adjusted circular saw cuts off the necessary amount. After this, the cut panel, together with the supporting plate, is pulled to the stacker, stacked onto a precuring stack and moved to the precuring area where the temperature should be above +10°C. The cut panel can be transferred either using an automated conveyor system, or with a forklift or a crane. The stacks stay in the precuring area for 15 to 24 hours.

After precuring, the panels are removed from the base molds. The molds are returned to production after passing through a cleaning and oiling unit, and the panels are restacked in stacks of 4 to 10 units for delivery. The delivery stacks are strapped and preferably wrapped before transportation to delivery storage. The stacks must stay in delivery storage for at least 14 days before being transported to a construction site.

The base plates are cleaned automatically before being returned to the production process.


The Acotec production method is environmentally friendly. The raw materials used are natural materials – just water, sand, cement and lightweight aggregate. The production process does not need any additives or chemicals.

The concrete waste produced is kept to a minimum: trimmed pieces and rejected panels can be recycled back into the production process.


All machines on the Acotec EDGE line meet EC Machine Directive requirements. The line is equipped with multiple safety light curtains and all doors have safety sensors. The machinery is designed to keep noise levels low (<80 dB) and to ensure safety with their flat outer surfaces. The line comes with thorough and clear user, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


Concrete supply
Product module 8/68, 8/75, 6/92, 6/100, 6/120
Thickness set 68, 75, 92, 100, 120
Splitting set 2 x 300 / 68, 75, 92, 100,120
Extra mold plates
Extra steel pallets
Batching and mixing plant and concrete transport system
Dust removal system
Oil removal system
Service hoist



  • Low downtime due to fully automatic functions

  • Fast return on investment

  • High panel quality

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