India’s smart cities mean greener building construction


Government of India intends to build more than one hundred smart cities in the next decades, an ambitious project that will shape the country's construction and technology industries in the years to come.

The key to the mammoth-sized project is to build cities that utilize the latest technologies to create sustainable living spaces for future generations. 

One of the hot topics discussed at the Smart City India Expo in Delhi this week was how to make buildings more sustainable and create greener living options through housing construction techniques.

Precast technology can help to create truly energy efficient housing, thanks to the “sandwich solution”, which can dramatically reduce the energy consumption of a building through a special insulation layer.

 “The insulation between load bearing wall and façade outside can help to keep the heat outside and the building cool inside, creating significant energy savings, especially during India’s hot season,” said Chander Dutta, the Managing Director of Elematic India.

India is suffering from severe energy deficiency because the country is not able to supply its billion plus people with enough energy. Majority of energy raw materials are imported and huge amounts wasted every year through poorly built houses. 

One of the key aims to reduce India’s energy consumption is through the smart city energy grid, designed to allocate power where its most needed. 

Buildings, therefore, have to become greener. 

“So far, India is behind when it comes to sustainable housing. But smart cities will pave the way to new techniques,” Dutta said. 

Insulation is not the only key to greener construction, however. Thanks to the superior quality of precast technology, the joints of the walls will also be smoother and there will be less energy leakage when a house is cooled down or heated. 

“India can not afford to waste energy through ill-constructed buildings. This is why constructing energy friendly buildings that have little or no leakage is increasingly vital,” Dutta said. 

Building lifecycle is another issue creating discussions amongst the smart city project leaders. Project managers need to be able to address the longer lifecycle of a building, which quality pre-cast can help to create.

Today, many believe the country is slowly waking up to a better constructed future and smart cities will lead the way.

 “In the near future India will have no choice but to follow the rest of the world when it comes to energy conservation. Slowly the industry will change, and the smart cities will be a great opportunity for us all,” Dutta said.


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