Automatic casting system makes wall panel production faultless

Revolutionizing quality control and verification

Elematic, a world-leading manufacturer of precast concrete plants and production lines, introduces a new automated casting system. The new 3D machine vision takes Elematic’s casting machine Comcaster to a new level, resulting in excellent quality and more cost-effective wall panel production.

Elematic meets the growing demands for quality and verification in precast production by introducing a new automatic casting system. The automated Comcaster makes quality control management of wall production easy. It detects possible errors early and thus minimizes excess costs.

– The system scans the casting table by using a 3D machine vision system, making sure all of the details are placed correctly: shuttering, reinforcement, lifting hooks, spots for different electric wall sockets or other inserts, explains Ismo Kallio, Product Director at Elematic.

Manual work is still part of most precast production processes. Even if production is connected to a building information model, openings and inserts are often installed manually, sometimes shuttering as well, so the possibility for human error remains. In addition, automated production data can be applied by the operator in more or less accurate ways.This is why machine vision is one step ahead in achieving the best possible results.

Quality for all types of production

The new casting system is best suited to diversified, high capacity wall production with the Elematic EDGE Wall production line. EDGE Wall consists of a manufacturing execution system, automatic machinery, and a table circulation system. The line is particularly suited to producing sandwich panels, cladding panels, solid panels, and solid slabs.

– Cross-checks and measurements play a major role in diversified, high-capacity production. Many different elements and tables are tested before the casting, which increases the chance of errors. Automatic scanning thus adds value – especially in production units with high turnover or variable worker expertise, says Jouni Sirkka, Product Development Director at Elematic.

Quality control is also a useful function for smaller-scale production. The scanning system can be detached and turned into a separate quality control unit for any type of production line. Collecting and saving production data also offers new possibilities for other parties, such as regulatory authorities.


A growing interest in machine vision

Numerous global machine manufacturers have integrated machine vision into their products. Thanks to the growing interest, technology and applications are developing and becoming more affordable.

Machine vision obtains information about the surrounding environment for further analytical processing. It uses image capture and analysis to automate tasks such as inspection, gauging, and counting. Machine vision is used for many purposes: robotic solutions, process data collection, and quality control systems, to mention a few.

Precast production is a very challenging application area for machine vision. Creating the automatic Comcaster demanded deep know-how and intense testing. The development project is still ongoing.

– Various aspects of machine vision are under examination. There are numerous possibilities to utilize the automated scanning system in precast production, Ismo Kallio says. 


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