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Elematic India Private Limited, India

Elematic India Pvt Ltd, a daughter company of Elematic Oyj, has its offices located in New Delhi and Pune. The company with 45 employees offers precast machinery and related structural design services mainly needed in fast growing precast market of India.

Elematic India has the needed knowledge and experience of the local building requirements and provides wide range of precast services for local needs.

  • Supply Precast Machinery
  • Concept Design Study
  • Structural Engineering Services
  • Precast Plant Design
  • Precast Plant Setup / Maintenance
  • Production Training / Supervision
  • Installation Training / Supervision
  • Rebar Automation / Precast Accessories*
  • Architectural / MEP Services*

*Through local and international affiliates.

  • Concept Design / Project Feasibility Study

    The objective of the consultation process is to

    • Understand customer needs and requirements
    • Suggest best suited structural system with precast concrete technology
    • Ascertain precast plant and machinery requirements

    In order to achieve the above objectives we use the following tools

    • Concept Design Study (CDS) – structural concept study of a project, advising methods to optimize construction using precast concrete technology, achieving savings in time, manpower and raw materials.
    • Project Report – to ascertain the overall project feasibility with considerations for land, shed area, local machinery requirement, time frame, total project cost etc. and outline steps to implement precast concrete technology.
  • Installation – Training & Supervision 1/2

    We have a team of engineers from Finland and India who are experts in installation of precast buildings. We can provide long-term or short-term supervision of building erection.

  • Installation – Training & Supervision 2/2

    We can provide training to customers’ engineers, supervisors and technicians for:

    • Site preparation and preliminary work
    • Erection Sequencing and Planning
    • Proper Lifting of precast products
    • Erection of precast products
    • Transportation and On-Site storage of Precast products
  • Supply Precast Machinery

    We have supplied complete range of machinery for different plants to our customers in India

    • Tilting Tables
    • Battery Molds
    • Staircase Molds
    • Column / Beam Casting Lines
    • Hollow-core slab / Solid Slab productionLines
    • ACOTEC-Panel line (Partition Walls)
  • Precast Plant Design - Shed Design

    We provide specialized services of designing shed for precast factories taking into account key factors such as

    • Optimum utilization of available space.
    • Easy access for raw materials and finished goods.
    • Flexibility for future expansion
  • Precast Plant Design - Machine Foundations

    Machine foundations is specialized area of design and we provide complete design for different set ups.

    • Beds
    • Prestressing Abutments
    • Tables
    • Rails for transport wagons
    • Strengthening of existing structural members.
  • Precast Plant Setup

    Our team has sound experience in quality execution of specialized jobs of precast plant and machinery installation. Our team is trained in Finland for all precast plant related operations and working. And we have been part of supervision and installation of many precast plants in India.

  • Structural Engineering Services 1/4

    Type of structures

    • Residential
    • Student Housing
    • Car Parks/ Showrooms
    • Ware ouse/ Distribution Facilities
    • Stadiums and Arenas
    • Office/ Educational Facilities
  • Structural Engineering Services 2/4

    We have delivered to india production machinery for following precast products:

    • T-beams, Solid Slabs, Hollow-core Slabs
    • R-Beams, L-Beams, IT-Beams
    • Spandrels, Panels
    • Columns, Wall Panels, Facades (Solid & Insulated - Sandwich)
    • Stair Cases
    • Shear Walls, Moment Frames
  • Structural Engineering Services 3/4

    We are able to provide structural

    • Stability Analysis (Gravity, Lateral – Wind & Seismic)
    • Precast Product Design
    • Connections Design

    Designing can be done by following Codes and standards:

    • Indian code
    • ACI 318
    • PCI Design Handbook
    • Euro Codes
    • fib Bulletins
  • Structural Engineering Services 4/4

    Our designing contains also

    • Anchor Bolt Drawings
    • Framing Plans
    • Elevations & Sectional Details
    • Connection Details

    Production Drawings:

    • Piece Drawings for Precast Products- BOM and reinforcing schedule
Elematic India Private Limited

Elematic India Private Limited

H-38, 1st Floor
Bali Nagar
New  Delhi - 110015

Chander Dutta

Chander Dutta

Managing Director

Tel.+91 98 10014696

Languages: EN, FI

Responsible for countries: India

Pekka Hiltunen

Pekka Hiltunen

Area Sales Director

Tel.+971 50 6582117

Languages: EN, FI

Responsible for countries: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

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