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Shanghai Urban Construction & Materials, China

The company specializes in engineering and construction for municipal public projects, highways, and housing. Their precast production is focused on concrete wall products.

The company ordered first circulation line in China that is based on central transfer wagon technology.

Shanghai Urban Construction & Materials

Location Shanghai, China
Year established 1993
Main products Solid walls and sandwich panels
Average annual production 67 000 sqm
No. of employees 220
Production hall area 13 500 sqm
Storage area 46 620 sqm

Circulation wall line

Year of delivery 2015
Capacity 222 sqm/day (casting each table once a day)
No. of tables 60
Machinery Concrete distribution skip, Shuttle washing station, Comcaster, Transfer wagon, Compaction station, Tilting station, Cleaning machine, Oiling machine, Plotter, Lifting beam