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Maharashtra Police Housing Colony, India

The Maharashtra Police housing project is aimed to build affordable houses for retired police. The total land is 180 acres, of which Billimoria started to develop approximately 40 acres for 5200 apartments, all of which must be completed within four years.

Location Maharashtra, Pune, India; Seismic Zone 3
Size 4.0 M sq.ft. residential apartments, 60 Towers, G+14 buildings
Contractor BE Billimoria
Precast Contractor Ingenious Quality Buildings Pvt Ltd
Structure types 1RK, 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 3.5/4.5 BHK apartments
Scope Structural design, shop drawings
Project duration 48 months

“All of the buildings are ground plus 14 stories. And our aim is to ensure after the ground floor, all the other floors are done with precast. The building design is pretty simple, there are only few differences depending on the flat contributions.” Mr. Jeet Kapadia, the Executive Director of Billimoria says.

“We are very proud of the whole project, because we are doing it for the Maharashtra Police. We aim to give them affordable prices with good quality, the quality they deserve after serving the state. That is our intention and that’s what I’m proud of.”

“The Maharashtra police housing project is about 5 million sqf residential development, comprising of about 60 towers and 5248 homes in all. We are building this entire development using Elematic precast equipment and methodology,” says Mr. Sandeep Bedi, Managing Director of IQB Private Limited.

Onsite precast plant minimized the crane requirement. The Maharashtra police housing project uses 4 tower cranes, each of them handling three buildings at a time.

“The ingenious part is that we are using one tower crane on three different buildings. The three buildings are at different points in the lifecycle: if we are installing walls in one building, the other building is at the stage for steels, the second needs services for the structural toping, and on the third building, we are in the process of laying the screed,” Mr. Sandeep Bedi explains. With the optimized way of working, enabled Sandeep Bedi and his team to get a floor cycle of 12 floors in 12 buildings in 12 days, basically a floor a day.

The speed of construction is the key, because it also ends up to the costs. The interest rates for real estate projects in many developing countries are very high. “The costs of money are staggering in India. In real estate, the interest cost is between 18-20% annually. So, If I can reduce the construction cycle by six months, that is a direct saving of almost 10%.” Mr. Bedi states.

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