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Kouvolan Betoni, Finland

Located in Kouvola in Southern Finland, Kouvolan Betoni is a family business with roots in the early 1950’s. Precast concrete has been a key field of operation for 25 years.

Kouvolan Betoni factory

Location Kouvola, Finland
Precast products Balconies, balcony frames, partition walls, solid slabs
Battery mold 3+4 precast products with possibility to expand

In early 2017, Kouvolan Betoni decided to focus solely on precast concrete. There is a strong demand for this product, both in public housing and in apartments. Very soon they were looking at battery molds. In comparison to tables, a battery mold for 3+4 elements saved more space and proved to be a more efficient solution.

The battery mold is mostly used for casting partition walls to get the partition walls away from the tables. Tables are used for other products, such as half slabs and socle panels.

Virsu also highlights the Elematic FaMe shuttering system, which offers a safe, time-saving, and versatile means of shaping precast wall panels. The system can be used in battery molds and with tables with steel surfaces.

Kouvolan Betoni is also using FaMe shuttering system. “It is easy to use. The panel sides are always straight and it’s easy to work with the openings. We are seeing considerable savings in time and in wood materials.”, says Ville Virsu, Head of Production at Kouvolan Betoni.

By keeping the quality stable and being easy to operate, the shuttering system improves production planning and saves a lot of time in large-scale production, Virsu adds.