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KM Precast, Russia

Karkas Monolit reshapes the traditional construction market in the Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia with modern precast technology. They stand out with a broad range of high quality products for easy construction of solid, durable concrete buildings, in particular with their colored, polished, long-lasting wall panels.


KM Precast factory

Location Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Year established 2014
Main products Precast concrete components
Average daily production 1 000 sqm of wall panels, 4 lift shafts, 4 stairs, 4 landings, 16 ventilation shafts
No. of employees 160
Production hall area 17 000 sqm
Storage area 3 000 sqm

Circulation wall line

Year of delivery 2014
Capacity Approx. 280 000 sqm/year
No. of tables 40 pcs of 4.0 x 10.0 m
Machinery 3 x shuttle E9-2800, Comcaster E9-2500-b, transfer wagon E9-30w, 6 x cross transfer EK256, compaction station E9-30c-e, tilting station E9-30t, floating machine E9-900-b-4.0, cleaning machine E9-600c-4.0, transport wagon E9-40

Special molds

Year of delivery 2014
Machinery 2-sided staircase element mold, 2 x lift shaft mold, ventilation duct mold

Every year, KM Precast’s factory – a part of Karkas Monolit construction company – in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, produces 250 000 square meters of facade panels and 60 000 m2 of other precast wall elements on their Elematic circulation line.

In addition to the circulation line for sandwich and partition wall panels, the KM Precast factory has acquired Elematic equipment for manufacturing ventilation blocks, lift shafts and staircases. The products come in all types and sizes.

Ensuring a fast production speed and high-quality end products were decisive factors in choosing the machinery for the factory.

The KM precast factory opened in November 2015, after a construction period of just 14 months.


Reliable manufacturing technology is vital, as KM Precast produces triple-layer panels with excellent insulating and ventilating properties along with high heat retention.

The triple-layer panels comprise of two concrete layers interlocked with heat insulation. The outer layer, when made of colored gravel, is manufactured using technology that exposes the color surface finish. In the process, the outer layer is polished until the surface is glossy and the gravel is exposed. The result is a finished product with mirror-smooth surface and marble-like patterns.

The inner layer, or the cladding panel, is made of gray concrete. In addition, KM Precast makes panels with graphic concrete. Graphic concrete technology allows designing customized facades of multi-layered panels. This technology offers unlimited potential for lasting, tailor-made drafts: You can reproduce famous art work or very fine, accurate patterns on the surface of the facade panel.

KM Precast’s panels stand out in the market, and the new possibilities with different surface treatments are of interest to housing agencies in the region, where traditional precast building constitutes the prevailing building stock. The panels retain their original look for decades and enable reduced overall heating costs.

Thanks to easy installation, precast concrete panels also evidently reduce construction time. On average, installing one panel takes less than 20 minutes, and a team of five workers can install up to 22 – 24 panels in a day.