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Comcaster E9

The Elematic Comcaster E9 is designed to cast and pour concrete for precast wall panel production. It offers a fast casting speed of up to 2000 l per minute with self-compacting concrete and up to 1000 l per minute with wet concrete.

Comcaster E9

Standard measurements
Available in half-portal and bridge types
Available bridge spans 6-27 m
Available portal spans 6-22 m
Capacity, compacted concrete 2.0 m3
Water volume of casting bucket 2.5 m3
Casting speed, wet concrete 0-1000 l/min
Casting speed, SCC 0-2000 l/min
The product can be customized

The Elematic Comcaster E9 features an advanced concrete fluidization system that allows for lower water-cement ratios and stiffer grades of concrete than conventional casting machines. The fluidization itself takes place in the concrete hopper, which enables fast concrete flow.

The casting nozzle design features a watertight closing system and adjustable flow control for accurate and precise operation. The casting bucket design contributes to an expanded casting area and improved concrete mix flow.

The feeding function can be adjusted for S2 – S5 class concrete mixes.


The casting wagon and concrete hopper of the Comcaster E9 are steplessly controlled with a radio control device.


Like all Elematic machinery, safety features are built in. The Elematic Comcaster E9 features a concrete feeder inside the concrete for noise absorption, minimizing the noise level on the factory floor.

The machine meets all EC Machine Directive requirements. It is delivered with comprehensive operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.





Power supply, cables, trolleys etc. or current conductor rails

Travelling rails

Concrete weighing system in the bucket

Maintenance platform beside the bridge

Lifting movement of casting bucket 2000 mm

Sensors to weighing the mass of concrete in the bucket

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Accept cookies to see the form or visit our contact page for more information.