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Transfer wagon E9

The Elematic transfer wagon E9 is designed to transfer horizontal molds longitudinally and laterally on a circulation line during precast wall production.

Transfer wagon E9-30w-2

Bearing capacity 30 t
Lateral transfer speed Max. 0.33 m/s
Longitudinal transfer speed Max. 1.67 m/s

The Elematic transfer wagon E9 is meant for use as a part of a precast factory automation system. It can keep a circulating wall production line continuously running at the optimal speed even if there are different mold set-up times. The wagon moves molds with long set-up times to the side, and between furnishing, casting and curing spots, allowing other molds to run at their normal speed.

Long set-up times are typically caused by wall units that include many openings for junction boxes, installation housings for illumination, empty conduits for feed lines and so on.


The transfer wagon E9 features gear motors with inverters for longitudinal and lateral transfers. It is controlled semi-automatically from a control desk on the wagon. For lateral transfers, the mold is lifted using cross transfer beams.


The transfer wagon E9 is equipped with a warning light and sound signal. It is delivered with comprehensive operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


  • Keeps line running at the optimal speed

    Moves molds with long set-up times aside.

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