Storage clamps E9 - Elematic precast technology
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Storage clamps E9

Elematic storage clamps E9-16 are designed to lift and stack hollow core slabs or similar precast concrete products, such as half-slabs and solid slabs, in plant storage yards with a storage crane. They can lift either single slabs or bundles.

Storage clamps E9-16

Lifting capacity, single slabs 40 kN (80 kN pair)
Lifting capacity, bundles 80 kN (160 kN pair)

Elematic Storage clamps E9-16 are suspended from a storage crane, and the crane needs to have separate independent hooks and hoists for each clamp. The clamps and/or beam are controlled from the crane cabin or with the crane remote control.

The lifting frame is moved up and down by an electric motor.


Storage clamps E9-16 meet EC Machine Directive requirements and come with thorough and clear operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


Elematic Storage clamps E9-16 consist of clamps for lifting single slabs and a lifting frame for lifting bundles.


  • Cable drum and cable
  • 80 kN lifting hook

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