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Multifunction wagon S5

The Elematic multifunction wagon S5 is designed to tilt, vibrate and transport molds on a precast wall production line.

The multifunction wagon S5 has both compaction and tilting features. It is equipped with four wheels and is positioned under the table during casting. It uses four hydraulic cylinders for compaction. After curing, the multifunction wagon can tilt the table to remove the finished wall unit.

Multifunction wagon S5

Max. mold size (S5-26) 4000 x 10500 mm
Max. mold size (S5-20) 3600 x 8500 mm
Speed, steplessly adjustable Approx. 0.17 m/s
Vibration frequency, steplessly adjustable 20-150 1/min
Stroke length 5 mm


The multifunction wagon S5 is available with:

  • a maximum load of 260 kN and for a mold size of 4000 mm x 10500 mm at a maximum
  • a maximum load of 200 kN and for a mold size of 3600 mm x 8500 mm at a maximum


The multifunction wagon is delivered with comprehensive operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


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