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Maturity Controller E9

The Maturity control E9 controls heating and follows slab strength development in precast concrete production, for both prestressed slabs such as hollow core and half-slab and non-prestressed slabs.

The curing process consists of pre-heating, curing and post-heating.

Maturity Controller E9

Max distance from measuring point 30 m
Connecting power max 5 kW

The device measures the temperature of the mold or the bed with temperature sensors based on which it controls the hot water flow in the molds/beds. It also measures product temperature with two sensors, one at each end of a bed (or mold).

The system is equipped with a touch screen user interface that displays process data: Heating on/off, the temperatures of the slabs, inlet water temperature, the maturity situation, the starting and finishing time, and alarms.

The desired maximum temperature, allowed temperature tolerances, allowed speed of temperature rise, preheating and post-heating temperatures and times can all be defined.
measures and calculates the temperature-hour accumulation in slab production. This provides an accurate way to estimate strength development and therefore the detensioning of pre-stressed slabs and the stripping time in non-prestressed products.


The Maturity control E9 can be operated in three ways.
Method 1 (Recommended):
Set the desired temperature‐hours °C[°F]h and detensioning time for each casting bed/mold.
The automatic controls in the system then calculate the target temperature and adjust it during heating based on the actual measured temperatures and degree-hours accumulation. This guarantees the correct detensioning moment and minimum use of energy.

Method 2:
Set the heating temperature and time, and the system will then calculate the degree-hours. The number of degree-hours depends on the actual temperature variation.

Method 3: (Recommended when very short curing time is required)
Set the degree-hours and heating temperature, and the system will then calculate the time. The time used depends on the actual degree-hour accumulation.


The Maturity control E9 consists of programmable software, a user interface and connection points for sensors and control devices.

A maturity control pump, as well as sensors and valves can be bought separately, based on the number of casting beds/molds required.

Please note that the system does not include heat generation equipment, and that it needs to receive hot water from outside.


Maturity control E9-8mc For 8 beds
Maturity control E9-6mc For 6 beds
Maturity control E9-4mc For 4 beds


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Maturity Control Sensors and Valves
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