Top profitability from your precast production

Do you make the most of what you have? Top profitability is in the core of our renewal services. We support you to keep your precast machinery and equipment up-to-date and find new opportunities in the changing market place.

There are several ways to find the smart match for your renewal. Factory and machine rebuilds sustain the original efficiency of your precast production line. Remanufactured machines are a cost-efficient way to update your production. A good example of this is a remanufactured nozzle unit for the EL900E Extruders. They are disassembled and rebuilt nozzle units fitting to your original nozzle module of Elematic Extruder. There will be no production stoppages, while you have the renewed unit at your factory before sending back the old one.

Systematic, pre-planned modernizations of machines – both mechanical and automation – can save you from the weeks’ downtime. We can provide you with suggestions, schedules and guidelines for short or long term precast investment development. Sometimes a joint R&D activity can be the most useful way to renew your production for future needs.

Other  available renewals on your existing EL900- series  extruders are e.g.: 
Factory repair, Edge level strand guide, and Levelling beam assembly


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