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Use Plant Control to optimise factory resources

Elematic Plant Control FloorMES Precast Software

Plant Control provides complete support for the operative planning of precast production from one production line up to multiple factories and product types. It includes support for sales, material management, production, warehouse management, transportation and machinery maintenance.

Using Plant Control, precasters are able to optimise the use of factory resources and minimise waste, which can significantly reduce the operating costs of the factory.

Johan Seljesson, Site Manager of Skandinaviska Byggelement in Halstahammar, calls the software “the heart” of the company’s production planning. “We import the data about the projects and the slabs. Then, we move to truckload planning and print loading instructions and dispatches. We also print labels and casting programs.”

According to Johan, Plant Control is great way to get reports and status of the production. “We use the data every day to get a view of the daily production, storage space available, storage area used per project, status of the slab, and so on. We also get a scrap report, which shows the reason a slab has been rejected and helps us decide on which issue to focus.”

Designer’s point of view

Mutlu Rüya, owner of Sefer Construct, a consulting firm that specialises in Virtual Design and construction, thinks that using Elematic’s production management solution has increased the quality of the end product. “We can work in full 3D, produce drawings fast and with good quality. We have better communication with other consultants, so we have better input. We can produce files that we send directly to the factory so that elements are produced with better quality and minimal labour.”

On the factory side, using Plant Control allows problems to be identified and solved at an early phase. “At the start of the project, we hold a launch meeting with the customer, project leader and the designer. The designer begins to draw the slabs pretty early in the process and we take time to go through the drawings together to make sure we are on the same page. We also send a status file to the designer, who can then see directly from the model what the status of the slab is.”

“Digitisation is the future of the construction industry,” Mutlu points out. “You get a more efficient construction process, better quality, less errors, and you save costs. It could correct many of the issues found in the construction industry today.”

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