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Skandinaviska Byggelement, Sweden

Skandinaviska Byggelement’s hollow-core factory in Hallstahammar was delivered 2013 by Elematic. They now have six products: 200Heavy, 200, 265, 320, 380 and 400mm.

Skandinaviska Byggelement Hallstahammar factory

Location Hallstahammar, Sweden
Plant area 2875 m2
Production capacity 2019 180 000 m2
End products 6 hollow core slab products with 5 widths:
200Heavy, 200, 265, 320, 380, and 400 mm
Machinery 2 Extruders E9 2010 model
Preparers P7 and E9
2 Saws E9-500
SlabMaster EL612
Software FloorMES

Since 2017, the plant’s production has been growing steadily – from 90,000m2 to 130,000m2 in 2018 – that they have set a goal of producing 180,000m2 of hollow-core slabs by the end of 2019. One of the reasons he thinks they are able to do it is because of the increased efficiency offered by FloorMES.