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Frequently asked questions from around the world

Precast hollow core slab stockyard

Mika Reunanen, Area Sales Director, South America & Africa and Juhani Aittola, Managing Director at Elematic GmbH answer some common questions that customers in their regions often ask.

Can precast construction be of high quality and look good?

Mika Reunanen: My operating areas are Africa and South America where there’s a housing shortage. I introduce the precast method to builders who are used to traditional methods. Customers are surprised by how good different precast facade surfaces can look, as well as the fact that quality control of the industrial process is considerably easier to arrange than at a traditional construction site, and thus, quality is also significantly easier to improve. Also, in the sweltering climates of African countries, the superior insulation provided by precast construction proves to be a significant advantage, as it considerably reduces the expenses associated with cooling buildings.

Juhani Aittola: In Central and Eastern Europe, precast construction has a bad reputation, especially in Eastern Europe where poor quality precast houses were built quickly in the past. These houses are still around reminding everyone of the subpar quality. Customers are often surprised to learn that precast technology has evolved significantly over the decades and stands to fully compete with traditional methods both aesthetically and technologically.

Mika Reunanen, Area Sales Director, South America & Africa

Mika Reunanen, Area Sales Director, South America & Africa

What to consider when investing on a precast concrete production line?

Mika Reunanen: Precast production line is a big investment, which prompts customers to assess the benefits far into the future. Consideration is given to how long-lasting the equipment is, how easily maintenance and spare parts will be available in the future, whether consumable parts are easily accessible, and whether the technology provider is continuously developing improvements.

Juhani Aittola: When considering a new production line, it is important that the customer’s business plan is reviewed and thought is given to what kind of products they will be producing, what the capacity needs are, what kind of line layout could work, whether there are any restrictions at the site itself in this regard, and how transportation and material flows will be resolved.

How to get started with precast production and what kind of support is available?

Mika Reunanen: A good way to get started is to visit existing precast factories. To this end, we can help contacting our previous customers who have established precast factories and getting practical advice from them starting a new business. In addition, Elematic can recommend consultants who have extensive experience in establishing precast factories. In addition to equipment operation and maintenance training, assistance is provided for production start-up and optimization. Even after the factory is up and running, Elematic’s Customer Service department maintains close contact with the customer and conducts visits to the factory to ensure proper equipment utilization and production efficiency.

Juhani Aittola: Once the line is in operation, I visit the customer once or twice a year. We review the situation, how production has been going, how the equipment has functioned, and if there are any concerns, we seek solutions together. These meetings also provide truly valuable feedback.

Juhani Aittola, Managing Director at Elematic GmbH

Juhani Aittola, Managing Director at Elematic GmbH

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