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Digging and plotting – easy and efficient

Elematic Modifier E9

Slab modifying in hollow core production will no longer be the same. The totally new Modifier E9 automates digging, plotting and drilling. The excavated concrete can also be recycled. Significant savings are generated when the need for heavy manual labor is reduced and raw material is saved.

The new generation Modifier E9 is a completely new machine, it shares only the name with its predecessor. The E9 digs the openings, drills the water-holes and plots all the necessary markings automatically once the slab data has been transferred into the system. Losses and claims are reduced when human errors are minimized.

According to Product Director Jani Eilola, Modifier E9 has versatile functions and reliable automation. The E9 excavates openings with the help of mechanical, exchangeable digging jaws exactly according to the design drawings.

“Because it is automated, the Modifier does not need a driver, and all the locations of the holes or markings are plotted by a laser. The digging head magazine now has space for two jaws to dig holes of different sizes. Digging is more accurate and efficient, as the machine changes the digging jaws automatically in the middle of the bed,” Eilola explains.

If the work phase is interrupted for any reason, the machine will be able to resume from the last location.

Recycling saves raw material

Many manufacturers use labor-intensive manual suction method to create the openings, and water is then mixed with the extracted concrete. In this case, the concrete cannot be recycled. With the E9, using mechanical excavation technology, residual concrete can now be automatically recycled to the Extruder container. In addition to consuming less raw material, the method saves on crushing costs or waste fees. CO2 emissions are also reduced, because the recycling of fresh concrete reduces the consumption of cement by up to 1,000 tonnes per year.

“When the recycle-function is selected, the machine makes sure that the concrete is recycled within the set time. The more openings, the more savings, because there is more concrete to be recycled,” Eilola says.

The new Modifier E9 can save remarkable amounts of money by reducing labor and material costs. Job satisfaction in factories also improves when heavy work steps are cut down.

Elematic Modifier E9

Versatile markings with laser precision

The matrix printhead plots the markings precisely. Whether it is slab information or sawing lines, the printhead prints the markings also on the side of the slab. The printhead and the drill are in the same unit. Water-holes can be drilled directly through a fresh slab.

“The compressed air blown through the drill will minimize blocks. In some factories there are bottlenecks in production at the drilling station. The benefit in this technology is that emptying of the beds takes less time, as additional drilling is not needed,” Eilola says.

Elematic Modifier E9

FloorMES is the nerve center of the machine

The FloorMES system is part of the Elematic Plant Control system for precast concrete plants. The updated FloorMES production control system consists of three parts: machine control, planning and scheduling and monitoring modules. The FloorMES machine control is an integral part of the Modifier E9’s operation, and it can be expended with additional modules. All the modules and equipment work seamlessly together.

According to Eilola, the usability of software has been one of the main goals. “The program is very logical and the symbols are easy to understand. FloorMES is a great production and work management tool that can be used to optimize production,” Eilola promises.

This new level of automation makes the Modifier E9 a complete unit that achieves a wide range of economic benefits, both in production and in a top-quality end-product.

Product Director Jani Eilola

The compressed air blown through the drill will minimize blocks. The benefit in this technology is that emptying of the beds takes less time, as additional drilling is not needed.”

Product Director Jani Eilola

Payback period compared to manual digging and marking

  • Cast slabs 150 000 m2/year
  • Cubic meters per slab 0.144 m3/m2
  • Labor cost 30 EUR/hr
  • Concrete 60 EUR/m3
  • The proportion of excavated concrete: 2 %
  • Manpower needs: – 2.5 worker

Labor savings:

  • 2,5 workers x 250 d/year x 8 h/d x 30 EUR/h = 150 000 EUR/year

Concrete savings:

  • =150 000 m2 x 0.144 m3/m2 x 2 % = 432 m3/year
  • 432 m3/year x 60 EUR/M3 = 25 920 EUR/year

Total savings/year/machine: 175 920 EUR

  • Modifier E9 price approx. 210 000 EUR
  • Payback period: 1 year 2 months

The new technology challenged the designers but produced rewarding results

The Modifier E9 is a completely new machine for hollow-core slab production. The needs and expectations of the customers were carefully taken into account in its planning. New advanced solutions and components presented challenges during product development, but the end result exceeded expectations.

Jouni Sirkka, Director of R&D
Jouni Sirkka, Director of R&D

We took some bold steps in designing the new Modifier E9. The results exceeded our expectations and the machine is full of new technology and labor-saving automatic features.

Jouni Sirkka, Director of R&D
Heikki Lehtonen, Chief Engineer
Heikki Lehtonen, Chief Engineer

The structure and operation of the waste concrete hopper were completely renewed. Now the excavated concrete can be recycled quickly, safely and automatically back to the Extruder E9.

Heikki Lehtonen, Chief Engineer
Daniel Niemi, Mechanical Engineer
Daniel Niemi, Mechanical Engineer

The magazine and jaw locking device presented quite a challenge. The final product has proven to be robust and reliable even in challenging environments.

Daniel Niemi, Mechanical Engineer

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