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Ahead of the game with the new Extruder E9

Elematic Extruder E9 casting machine for hollow core production

Flexible, intelligent and surprisingly fast, the new Extruder E9 handles a wide variety of casting tasks with ease – not to mention a totally new level of casting speed.

Casting hollow-core with shear compaction is what the Elematic Extruder is famous for. Originally introduced in 1985, shear compaction is now the industry-leading method in manufacturing hollow-core products. The new Extruder E9 is the fifth generation in the shear compaction family.

In recent years, there has been a growing demand to manufacture special products such as massive slabs, wing slabs and piles with the same machinery. The new Extruder E9 is a multi-product machine with serious versatility.

”A common example is casting narrow or split slabs. With the new Extruder, it is possible to choose from six different widths on a basic 1,2-meter-wide bed. The need to saw hard slabs in half can be significantly reduced,” says Product Director Jani Eilola.

This feature makes it easy to operate with the US measurement units as well. Despite its familiar name, the Extruder E9 is a completely new machine.

The improved multi-product ability is merely an example of what’s new in the new Extruder E9. Other features include faster casting, separate drive for center and side feed screws, an option for smart concrete recycling and a new level of intelligence.

Extruder E9 2019 user interface

Convincing speed means fast ROI

In the past, casting speed was not considered an issue in hollow-core production. In today’s construction market, fast casting is desired because it increases production capacity and makes the factories more profitable. This is why the new Extruder reaches a casting speed up to 2.7 meters per minute.

”For example, it is now possible to cast eight to ten beds per day instead of only six. The Extruder is able to cast up to 70 percent faster than its predecessor.”

With the increased capacity, the payback time is considerably shorter. For example, with an increased casting area from 240,000 m2 to 400,000 m2 per year, the payback time for the Extruder is only two months. The return on investment (ROI) of the factory can be doubled with the new Extruder, depending on the current level.

Fast casting is aided by the separate drives of feed screws. This makes the casting process even more balanced than before, as it is monitored and controlled better.

”The concrete is fed more evenly throughout the whole cross section. The separate drives ensure the even quality of the slabs with greater casting speed.”

This feature enchances the versatility of the Extruder E9 and answers the growing demand for casting different products fast.

Extruder E9

– Elematic introduced the new Extruder E9 at Bauma Expo in Munich, Germany in April 2019.

– FloorMES works perfectly together with Extruder E9. With FloorMES you can monitor production, collect data and measure the casted area from each nozzle module individually.

– Greater casting speed and the new concrete recycling system generate a high return of investment (ROI).

Elematic Extruder E9 2019 casting machine for hollow core production

Recycling concrete automatically

Extruder E9 comes with an option for a smart concrete recycling system that saves material considerably.

There is a container and a separate conveyor for the recycled concrete. Once the recycled concrete is transported back into the Extruder, it is slowly mixed with the fresh concrete.

Another new launch at Bauma is the Modifier E9, a new version of the machine used for digging, marking and drilling. The machine not only places recesses, holes and other openings for electricity and HVAC, but also cuts the holes for those – swiftly and precisely. Together with the new Extruder, these two machines form an unbeatable team that makes removing and recycling concrete easy for the first time ever.

”The removed concrete is automatically fed back into the Extruder without lowering the Modifier’s work capacity too much. The material is recycled within a certain time limit,” Eilola explains.

The recycling system saves money, between 50,000 – 230,000 euros per year, depending on the slab designs, waste expenses and the materials used.

Leftover concrete can be recycled also without the Modifier, but together with the Extruder they make an efficient recycling unit.

Jani Eilola (pictured left) with Mechanic Timo Mäenpää

Jani Eilola (pictured left) with Mechanic Timo Mäenpää

Shear compaction in a nutshell

  • Traditionally, concrete was compacted with vibration technology. This was noisy and tiring for the machinery.
  • Elematic introduced shear compaction in the mid 1980’s. In this method, the concrete mix passes screws pushing it forward. Compaction takes place when the mix is extruded under pressure and shearing stress is created.
  • The new Extruder E9 represents the fifth generation of shear compaction extruders.
  • Extruder family consists of E9, P7 and S5.

Minimal safety hazards

The previous generation Extruder introduced automatic compaction, which remains a groundbreaking feature. In the new E9 this idea is taken even further.

”The machine is able to measure several things such as the quality of the concrete, the pressure in the concrete. It automatically adjusts the casting process accordingly,” Eilola says.

Thanks to the added intelligence, the new E9 has fixed one common problem: the unwanted vibration at the top of the slabs. This is the only machine in the market that prevents this vibration with no need for any mechanical procedures.

”The vibration is traditionally removed by digging holes in the slabs. The E9 is able to prevent the formation of vibration in the first place and eliminates the need for excessive work.”

The possibility to save multiple parameters for the same nozzle module is another handy feature. Previously the parameters have been the same for each module.

”Factories use different concrete recipes depending on the time of the year, for example. Now it’s easy to choose the right recipe from the saved parameters.”

The amount of concrete inside the machine is vital data. The user can now see the amount directly on the screen and doesn’t need to look physically inside the Extruder. It is always a serious safety hazard to climb on the machine and safety is Elematic’s most important guideline.

”We get questions like why it’s so difficult to climb on our machines. It is because we don’t want our customers to climb on them. It’s a safety issue, first and foremost. We want to minimise the need for climbing.”

For example, the attachment and deattachment of the lifting hook can be done without climbing. Both sides of the machine are sleek, without any hooks or ladders that can cause danger. There is an alarm when the machine is turned on. All the chain drives as well as the cable drums are protected to prevent hands or fingers getting caught. Also the wheels have blockers to keep the operator’s feet away. Safety is the priority in every detail.

Elematic Extruder E9 2019


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