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Concrete Issues

Elematic’s customer magazine.

Concrete Issues

Elematic’s customer magazine. The magazine provides new and up-dated information on precast issues and technology, and presents reference cases both in print and digital form.

Precast Academy »

A special training program on design and manufacture and use of precast products.

Precast Academy

Precast Academy is a forum, dedicated to improving and developing understanding and knowledge amongst precasters on production technologies, use and designing of precast products, such as hollow-core slabs and facades, in all areas of construction globally

Precast Fountain

The one-stop-site for all your precasting needs.

Precast Fountain

Precast Fountain takes you on tour of everything you can do with precast as well as how this precast is manufactured. There is something for everyone: useful info about precasting in general for the novice, as well as more specific info for the expert.
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Elematic is the leading supplier of precast concrete technology worldwide. We work in over 100 countries on six continents. We supply anything from a single machine to a production line and to a complete precast plant. Matching these smart elements to your needs brings lifetime results and is Smart Evolution.


Elematic Saw E9-500 - totally automated and cleaner cutting

Is your plant missing one machine solution that adapts to diverse cutting needs and always has maximized output? 25.3.2014

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Registration for Precast Academy X is now open

It is again the time of the year to reserve your seat at the Precast Academy, which will be held June 10-13, 2014. This year the theme is the design, manufacture and use of precast floor elements. 7.2.2014

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Renewing Renewal

“We are living in an era where agility and adaptability win. Familiar routines and change processes adopted from management sciences are no longer valid. On the contrary, they create a deep mismatch between operations and available technologies,” says Professor Alf Rehn, Chair of Management and Orga...

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