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VaBe, Finland

VaBe Oy is a family-owned company established in 1993. The company has been growing steadily and during 2000’s the production facilities were renovated and the production capacity tripled. The latest expansion took place in 2015 when a new production line for facade products was opened. Today, the company employs 120 professionals. In addition to the precast factory in Valkeakoski, VaBe owns 20% of an Indian precaster VME Precast Ltd. The group also includes two more companies, VaBe Baltic in Estonia, and VaBe Talot that serves the Finnish homebuilders.

VaBe factory

Location Valkeakoski, Finland
Year established 1993
Main products Facades, insulated and uninsulated inner walls, partition walls and balconies
Average annual production Approx. 135 000 sqm
No. of employees Over 120
Production hall area 5 500 sqm
Storage area 5 000 sqm

PRO Wall line

Year of delivery 2004
Capacity 524 sqm/day
No. of tables 22
Machinery Comcaster casting machine
Accessories FaMe shuttering

Hydraulic tilting table line

Year of delivery 2015
Capacity 237 sqm/day (casting each table once a day)
No. of tables 8
Accessories FaMe shuttering

Battery mold

Year of delivery 1999
Capacity 120 sqm/day