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United Precast Concrete Dubai, UAE

In the 25 years since it was first established, United Precast Concrete Dubai has taken part in almost all major construction projects in the region, helping in shaping the region’s landscape.


UPC Dubai, DIC factory

Location Dubai, UAE
Year established 2009
Average annual production 130 000 m3 tilt elements, 750 000 m2 hollowcore slabs
Factory production size 24 000 m2
Stock yard area 96 000 m2
Total factory area 205 000 m2

United Precast Concrete Dubai Industrial City (DIC) plant is one of the largest in the region. Built on a 205 000 sq m property, the factory was originally designed by Elematic as a 100 percent hollowcore factory. The plant, which runs three shifts, can produce up to 400 m3 of tilt products and 2000 m2 of hollowcore per day. The plant has over 2 km of tracking shuttle, 10 shuttles, 18 extruder units, 6 dispatcher units and 8 cutting machines.