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Precise project management

You will have a dedicated project manager who is your single point of contact for all project-related questions.

The project manager helps set a realistic schedule for all the project steps, ensures that the project stays on schedule and visits the site in the most important phases of the project.

After the warranty period, our customer service will start taking care of your needs.

Get to know our project managers
Elematic project manager team

Advice from the project managers: Starting a plant project

Service visits

Smooth start for production

The final step in the precast plant project is taking the machinery into use and testing.

Our experts (installation supervisors) will supervise and instruct your team to install Elematic equipment and help to ensure your machine performs as designed and according to agreed targets.

Depending on your need, we’ll send a mechanical or an automation expert to your site – or both when required. They will also help you in testing all equipment after installation.

When needed, our experts can also train your personnel to operate and maintain the equipment.

Read tips for a smooth factory start-up from our professionals

Recipe preparation

Right recipe guarantees high quality end product, faster production, low production cost and low wearing of machine. Do you need help with finding the correct concrete mix for production?

We can help you in raw material testing and propose the recipe. You’ll send us samples of each raw material (including cement) and we’ll prepare needed tests for raw material and concrete mix. Based on the results, we’ll suggest a recipe for your production.

Concrete production

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Accept cookies to see the form or visit our contact page for more information.