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Wagon puller

The Elematic wagon puller is designed to move transport wagons with precast slabs from the production hall to the storage area in precast concrete plants.

Wagon puller

Length ca. 900 mm
Width ca. 570 mm
Height (with antenna) ca. 2190 mm
Pulling speed, approx. 0.27 m/s
Returning speed, approx. 0.54 m/s
Max. momentary pulling power 20 kN
Max. continuous pulling power 13 kN

The Elematic wagon puller is radio-controlled. It moves transport wagons from production hall to the storage area and back again with the help of a steel wire and a connector at each end of the track.


The wagon puller device meets all EC Machine Directive requirements. It is delivered with comprehensive operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.

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