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Wagon E9

The Elematic Wagon E9-4r is designed to transport loaded and unloaded reinforcement platforms and to lift individual reinforcements onto a half-slab casting bed when the side forms are already in place.

Wagon E9-4r

Width 3080 mm
Height 2620 mm
Length 11100 mm
Weight (empty) 3000 kg
Capacity (max load) 4 t
Capacity (lifting) 500 kg
Speed 60 m/min


The Elematic Wagon E9‐4r is battery driven and it includes a crane with electrically operated lifting. The crane is mobile, and the lifting operation is electric driven. The crane lifts the mesh (one at a time) and it can move it to the end of wagon where the operator accurately positions the mesh on the casting bed. The crane is returned to the back of the wagon, ready to lift the next mesh.

The wagon receives the loaded pallets from a Side-shifter or from a crane and the empty platforms are returned back to the reinforcement storage by the Side shifter or crane.

The Wagon E9‐4r is intended to be shifted from bed‐to‐bed by a Side shifter, however, it also has lifting points for crane lifting.

The Wagon E9‐4r can be operated by one operator. The control box is located at the end of the wagon on the side.


The Wagon E9-4r meets EC Machine Directive requirements and comes with thorough and clear operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


Pallets are quoted separately. The quantity of pallets depends on the factory set‐up and can vary between 6-22 pcs.


  • Pallet
  • Optional: More automated operations for crane and wagon movement locations

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