Vacuum table - Elematic precast technology
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Vacuum table

The Elematic vacuum table is especially designed for the production of precast wall panels with a graphic concrete surface.

Vacuum table

Surface plate 8 mm
Load carrying capacity 600 kg/m2
Height 152 mm
Needed vacuum power 300 m3/min

The Elematic vacuum table ensures accurate results during graphic concrete production. The vacuum keeps the retarder membrane required for the graphic concrete securely in place throughout the whole production process.

The vacuum table features a honeycombed level installed over a standard casting or tilting table. The vacuum is produced using a nozzle and hose connected to the central vacuum cleaning system in the factory, or to a separate industrial vacuum cleaner.

The surface plate is protected against corrosion for transportation and storage.


The Elematic vacuum table is stored in an upright position and moved with a bridge crane to a standard casting table on demand. The vacuum table can be moved on the production line along with the standard casting table either longitudinally on a roller track with friction wheels or a central transfer wagon, or crosswise using cross transfer beams.


The Elematic vacuum table is delivered with comprehensive operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.

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