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Stresser E9

The Elematic Stresser E9 is a bundle stressing machine designed to simultaneously pre-stress strands during the production of hollow core slabs, half slabs, hollow piles and other pre-stressed precast concrete products.

The Stresser E9 allows simultaneous pre-stressing of up to 200 tons and 20 or more strands with one pull. With a double pull, it can pre-stress up to 300 tons and 30 strands.

Stresser E9-200s 2020

Prestressing force, one cycle 2000 kN (200 t)
Prestressing force, two cycles 3000 kN (300 t)
Stroke 1100 mm
Bed length 150 m
Prestressing speed 0,36 m/min
Length 3000 mm
Width 2300 mm
Height 2250 mm
Weight 3500 kg

The Elematic Stresser E9 clearly improves pre-stressing safety in precast plants and offers significant savings in both time and strands compared to single strand stressing.

The machine features a modern control system with an intuitive user interface that guides the operator through the whole process. The machine calculates the required distance based on the stranding data and moves accordingly. Commonly used stranding details, such as target forces and elastic values for elastic modules for different slab types and strand options, can be stored in the control library.

During pre-stressing, the machine measures the development of force and elongation. The stressing data is stored in the memory and can be saved to a USB memory stick and then transferred to factory’s quality assurance database.


The Elematic Stresser E9 consists of a mobile pre-stressing device that runs on rails and can move between beds. It includes a hydraulic unit with 2 x 100-ton hydraulic cylinders, a control panel with a touch screen, a control system and protection for the operator.

The control system has a touch screen user interface, a sensor to measure pressure in the pulling cylinders and a sensor to measure the elongation of the strands. The control panel includes buttons to operate the cylinders and move the machine.

The Stresser E9 requires compatible abutments to operate. A cable drum and 17 m of cable are included.


Like all Elematic machinery, safety features are built in. The Stresser E9 offers a clear view to the danger zone and the machine prevents any uneven movement of the cylinders, and it triggers an alarm if the target is not met. In addition, the Stresser E9 requires the operator to sign off the process step by step before moving forward.

The Stresser meets EN13369 requirements for measuring force when pulling according to distance and the EC Machine Directive requirements. It comes with thorough, clear operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


Stresser E9-200s                                     

Stressing force, one cycle 200 kN (200 t)

Stressing force, two cycles 300 kN (300 t)

Compatible with abutment E9-300

Stresser E9-200s-2400      

Stressing force, one cycle 200 kN (200 t)

Stressing force (to abutment), two cycles 300 kN (300 t)

Compatible with abutment E9-300

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