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Side shifter E9

The Elematic Side shifter E9 is designed to transfer the machines on an Elematic half‐slab longline from bed to bed. With the optional pallet transfer module installed it can also transfer reinforcement pallets from and to a reinforcement transport wagon (Wagon E9-4r).

Side shifter E9-30s

Capacity, max load 30 t
Speed 40 m/min
Hydraulic pressure 160 bar


The Elematic Side shifter E9 can be manually operated with a radio or automatically operated with the FloorMES manufacturing execution system.

With the optional reinforcement pallet transfer system, the Side shifter E9 operates automatically. However, to ensure safety, the Side shifter E9 requires the personnel in the reinforcement assembly station to accept the automated tasks, like moving pallets with reinforcement material to the station or picking‐up pallets with loads of ready-made reinforcements. At the other end, the operator of reinforcement Wagon E9 uses the automation system’s touch screen to signal that a pallet change is needed. The automation system then sends an empty Side shifter E9 to pick‐up the empty pallet and send another with a full reinforcement load. Both transfers need to be accepted by an operator.

For smooth operation of the production line, two side shifters are recommended on the reinforcement shop side and one on the side where the machines are transferred, and slab transportation wagons are transferred to storage. The side shifters on the reinforcement shop side need to be installed with the pallet transfer module.

The position of the Side shifter E9 is measured with a laser positioning system.

Note that the Side shifter E9 needs a pit in the foundations.


Like all Elematic machinery, safety features are built in. The Elematic side shifter E9 is equipped with a locking system that makes docking accurate and safe, and laser safety scanners on both sides prevent collisions. However, the operating area around the Side shifter E9 must still be closed off with safety fences.

The Side shifter E9 meets EC Machine Directive requirements and comes with thorough and clear operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


Pallet transfer module

A turning device for rotating the machines 180 degrees

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