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Side form

The Elematic side form is designed to be used in the production of half-slabs in a precast factory. It is made from aluminum and can be lifted manually without a crane.

Side form

Longitudinal side form

Standard height 60 and 70 mm
Standard length 500-3000 mm
Weight 3.8-4.4 kg/m
Yield strength 640 N/mm2

Cross cut side form

Height 70 mm
Length 2500-3800 mm
Width 200 mm
Weight approx. 8 kg/m


The Side form is made from aluminum and comes with push-button operated magnets. The magnets are engaged by pushing the button down and they are detached with a release tool. The magnets lock to the upper position magnetically and they hold the side form in position. The magnets are placed approximately 1.0 – 1.2 m apart.


Release tool

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