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Side form wagon E9

The Elematic Wagon E9-10s is designed to transport crosswise and longitudinal side forms to cleaning from casting beds and back. The wagon is purpose-designed for half slab side forms.

Side form wagon E9

Max driving speed 60 m/min
Length 10000 mmm
Width 3000 mm
Height 1500 mm
Weight 1500 kg


The Elematic Wagon E9 is battery driven and manually operated by radio control. A control panel is located at the end of wagon on the side. Crosswise side forms are moved by an electric conveyor so that one piece is available for the operator at the end of the machine. The conveyor can be run backwards when side forms are lifted off the bed. The wagon is designed to run so that crosswise side forms are installed first. This means that crosswise side forms are fed from the front of the wagon.

The longitudinal side forms are stored on removable racks. The racks can be loaded in a separate location while the wagon is in use and quickly changed when they are moved from one bed to another. There are spaces for side forms of different lengths on the racks.

The Wagon E9 is operated by two people and shifted from bed to bed using a side shifter. There are also lifting points on both the wagon and the racks so they can be lifted by crane.


Two racks are included with the Elematic Wagon E9. One rack, which has four rack sections, can carry side forms for one bed if there is one longitudinal side form with a height of 60-70 mm. If there are two longitudinal side forms on the wagon, two racks are needed. Additional racks are needed so that side forms can be cleaned while the wagon is being used on a bed for pick-up or when installing the side forms.


The Elematic Wagon E9 is delivered with comprehensive operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.



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