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Pallet for reinforcements

The Elematic pallet for reinforcements is designed to transfer reinforcement material (meshes, truss girders, rebar) and ready-made reinforcement assemblies from reinforcement machines to assembly stations and to/from the Wagon E9 on a half slab production line.

Pallet for reinforcements

Width 2500 mm
Height 223 mm
Length 10500 mm
Weight, approx. 1500 kg
Slab width, nominal 2400 mm
Capacity 4 t

The Elematic pallet for reinforcements is designed to take three stacks of five ready‐made reinforcements. The quantity can vary depending on the size of individual reinforcement assemblies.

The pallet moves on rollers. It is transferred with a side shifter from one station to another and to/from the Wagon E9.


The pallet is made from RHS profiles, I‐beam girders and a steel surface plate.

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