Curing chamber - Elematic precast technology
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Curing chamber

The Elematic curing chamber E9 is designed for automatic curing and humidity control of precast wall panels.

Curing chamber

Heating capacity Approx. 80 kW/tower

The chamber enables optimum curing energy-efficiently.

The capacity of the curing chamber E9 is designed based on the number of tables on the production line. Normally there are two or three separate tower-type curing chambers on both sides of the lift. One tower has a maximum of 10 storeys, i.e. 10 curing places, altogether there are 40 to 60 curing places.


The chamber is a strongly built steel construction with shelve rollers. It is equipped with a roof, walls and lifting doors to prevent heat and moisture loss.


The curing chamber E9 meets EC Machine Directive requirements and comes with thorough and clear operator, maintenance and safety manuals in required language.


Automatic heating & humidity control system

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