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Comskip S5

The Elematic Comskip S5 is designed to transport and cast a variety of concrete mixes during the production of precast products such as walls, beams and columns on a table or in a battery mold.

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Standard measurements
Comskip S5-3000e
Battery or electrically operated
Water volume 3.0 m3
Skip diameter 2130 mm
Skip height 1955 mm
Height to the upper edge of the lifting bail 3123 mm
Weight 1080 kg
The product can be customized

The Elematic Comskip S5 uses advanced, patented technology to transport and cast concrete during low volume concrete production.

The Comskip S5 features an adjustable, electrically operated casting nozzle with an internal vibrator for fast and accurate concrete dosing. This means that the minimum amount of concrete goes to waste for reduced material costs, as well as a short cleaning time.

The machine is suitable for concrete slump classes S3 to S5 according to standard EN206:1:2000. It is also suitable for self-compacting concrete (SCC).


The Comskip S5 features push button control for easy operation. It has an internal concrete feeder and a well-designed mechanical structure which helps keep the factory floor clean.

The Comskip S5 can be powered with an electrical supply or with batteries. The battery-operated version can be easily adapted for use in various types of production locations, either independently or alongside the existing machinery.

The Comskip S5 can be added to an existing precasting process or used on a construction site.


The Comskip S5 keeps noise levels in the working area at a low level. It comes with thorough and clear operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


The Comskip S5 is a cone‐shaped steel container. It is equipped with fixed support legs and a hinged lifting bail. It is operated with an overhead crane (indoors) or a building-site crane.

  • Includes a fixed smart battery charger.
  • Suitable for concrete Slump classes S3 – S5 according to standard EN 206‐1:2000.


  • Fast and accurate casting

  • Suits for various kinds of concrete mixes

  • No separate power supply required

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