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Bed P7

The Elematic Bed P7 is a casting bed designed for production of hollow core slabs, half-slabs, massive slabs, beams and heavy columns, among other things.

Bed P7-1200f

Width 1330 mm
Height 226 mm
Slab width, nominal 1200 mm
Rail gauge 1290 mm
Surface plate thickness 10 mm
Beam width max. 800 mm
Load max. 2500 kg/m2
Minimum temp. +5 °C

Bed P7 is manufactured in a workshop to tight tolerances. Its rigid all-steel structure is reinforced with longitudinal beams so it can carry heavy loads and the top surface of the bed is welded on. Bed P7 features an integrated heating system to speed up curing and ensure better bonding between the concrete and prestressing strands. The heating pipes are installed under the bed surface, and hot water is used as a heating medium. Thermal stresses are well managed because heat is transferred as radiation to the surface plate. Energy consumption is kept low because only a small mass needs to be heated. Bed P7 is delivered in 12 m modular, fast-to-install sections. The total bed length is defined according to case-specific requirements. The maximum load of the bed is 2500 kg/m2. For controlled curing, Maturity controller E9 is recommended.


Bed P7 is made from U-beams, stiffeners and a durable 10 mm straight rolled acid treated surface plate. It is equipped with rails for production machinery.


Abutment P7-750 (combined) Abutment P7-300 (slab only) Abutment E9-300 (slab only) Maturity controller E9-6mc Maturity controller pump Bed gutter plate

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