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Precast machinery built and designed in modern facilities in Akaa

Extruder E9 (2010) assembly

Elematic’s main assembly facilities in Akaa, Finland put an end to an era: for many years, Elematic was known as a project house that dealt with outsourced machinery. A tour of the facilities shows the extensive scale of in-house production and know-how.

“We started to shift and expand the operational focus from buying machinery towards in-house production already in 2006,” says Mats Jungar, Elematic CEO. “At first, the hollow-core machinery was assembled in a city near the current location, Valkeakoski.  The current modern assembly facilities next to the headquarters have been up and running since 2015.” In the new factory, all the main machinery is assembled for the whole Elematic product range, e.g., floor and wall machinery.

Having the experts in design, automation and software working close together in one place accelerates product launches and improves product development. As proof, one of the latest innovations in the assembly hall is the automated Plotter E9.

“The Akaa facilities are tailored to our needs,” Jungar says. He notes that machinery quality can be efficiently ensured when machines are assembled and built at one’s own facilities by experienced professionals.

The factory also serves as a showroom. Guests visit the facilities on a weekly basis. During a single visit, it is possible to see the whole range of machinery from unfinished products to ready machinery with state-of-the-art technology.

Elematic production and assembly team

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