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Beat the dust with the new Elematic Preparer

Elematic Preparer E9

The E9-1200p 2019, Elematic’s new preparer, has features that not only prepare beds for hollow-core casting but also reduce dust emission, minimise oil and fuel consumption and prolong the lifetime of beds.

With official restrictions on silica dust emissions getting stricter worldwide, reducing the level of dust has become a common problem on the factory floor. The new Elematic Preparer E9-1200p 2019 is equipped with a dust reduction system that helps solve this problem. Its high vacuum power sucks the air from inside the brush cover, preventing dust particles from returning to the air and reducing the dust level around the machine. A large long-lasting and easily replaceable filter eases maintenance.

The Elematic Preparer E9-1200p 2019 minimises emissions from mold oiling as oil is sprayed evenly under the cover. This protects the bed surface while making it easier to remove casted slabs. The new preparer uses less fuel, because of the ECU in its LPG engine. To support sustainability, the machine is battery-ready and can be converted to battery operation.