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  • Sandeep Bedi

    "Being with Elematic has been delightful. They are not a vendor that we've gone and bought equipment from. They're actually a partner that holds our hand in every challenge we face."

    Sandeep Bedi, Founder, IQB Pvt. Ltd., India

  • Won Jon Lee, Hanwha Engineering and Construction

    "When selecting the equipment, we took many factors into account, including economy, constructability, maintenance and safety. Based on my experience of operating the factory with Elematic's equipment, Elematic was the best possible choice. "

    Jon Won Lee, Plant Complex Director, BNCP Project, Hanwha Engineering and Construction, Iraq

  • Ove Pedersen, Dubai Precast

    "The best thing from Elematic is your guys. I am very happy with Elematic's way of working with us."

    Ove Pedersen, Senior Operations Manager (retired), Dubai Precast, United Arab Emirates

  • Matthew Palmer, United Precast Concrete Dubai

    "I think the level of service and the quality of the machines has stood the test of time and that's why we continue to choose Elematic."

    Matthew Palmer, General Manager, United Precast Concrete Dubai, United Arab Emirates