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The Ark Encounter, USA

As far as we know, Noah did not use precast concrete when building his ark. However, for the replica of the biblical vessel in the theme park Ark Encounter, precast concrete was utilized to stay on budget and schedule.

The Ark Encounter is a Christian theme park, located near Cincinnati in Kentucky, USA, on a plot larger than Disneyland in California. Its main attraction is a life-size Noah’s Ark, where visitors can walk through three decks of exhibitions about Noah and the flood, before meeting the animals in the park’s zoo.

According to the park, the ark is built as the Bible describes it. This means that the main structure is made of wood. It is elevated from the ground, laying on a frame of precast hollow core slabs and beams.

On schedule and on budget

To save time and costs, the contractor Troyer Group turned to Mid South Prestress.

Mid South Prestress is a leading producer of hollow core slabs in the mid-southern United States. Since it was established in 2000, it has successfully operated with the same Elematic machinery, such as Extruder EL 900E, which is still running smoothly.

The plant in Pleasant View, Tennessee, USA, has four precasting lines at 520 feet and delivers hollow core slabs, beams, and columns from planning to erection.

For this project, Mid South Prestress produced 2,185 square meters of 8-inch-thick and 10-inch-thick (about 200 mm and 250 mm respectively) precast hollow core planks and 358 linear meters of precast concrete beams.

Mid South Prestress used its experience in custom fabrication and its attention to detail in installation services, to deliver the elements for the Ark on time and within budget.

As a result, Troyer Group met its goals with this phase of the project.

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