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Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere, Finland

Precast concrete panels play an important role in the tallest residential and hotel building in Finland. Opened in the autumn of 2014, the Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere stands 88 meters tall and breaks previous records in the Finnish construction business.

Project details

Facade 500 concrete sandwich panels with 10,000 steel objects
Facade surface 8,000 sq. m.
Cumulative employment of the construction 700 man-years per two-year construction period

The sandwich panels were selected for the hotel facade after a careful, multi-staged design process, emphasizing high quality and a distinctive appearance.

“The lightweight facades, commonly used in tower projects, were considered at an early stage in the project. However, precast concrete was found to be the best building method with regard to the high quality standards of the hotel,” comments Architect Sampo Valjus at Parma Magazine.

The facade of the hotel is made of precast sandwich panels, with a special black pigment on the surface. The sandwich panels enabled the facade to be completed all at once, leading to savings in both construction time and expenses.

The precast sandwich panels for the facade and partition walls, as well as the hollow-core slabs for the roof, were delivered by Consolis Parma, a leading prefabricated precast product supplier in Finland.