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Parma, Nurmijärvi factory, Finland

Parma, a part of the Consolis Group, is the largest precast product manufacturer and market leader in Finland. The company produces various kinds of precast products, such as hollow-core slabs, wall panels and external elements, for residential housing, offices, industrial and farming buildings. They serve customers all the way from the initial design to the finished construction project across Finland.

Parma, Nurmijärvi factory

Location Nurmijärvi, Finland
Year established 1991
Main products Hollowcore slabs
Average annual production 210 000 sqm
No. of employees 15 + 2 foremen
Storage area 15 000 sqm of products can be stored

Hollowcore slab production line

Year of delivery 1991
Capacity 210 000 sqm/year
No. of beds 6, length 91,6 m
Machinery Shuttle, Distributor, Extruder E9, Extruder EL850, 3 x Extruder EL900, Extruder E9, 2 x Saw, Bathroom slab recessor, Drilling machine