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Tarpaulin roller P7

The Elematic Tarpaulin Roller P7 spreads tarpaulins onto slabs and winds them back onto the roller during precast concrete production. Covering the fresh slabs prevents escape of moisture and heat.

Tarpaulin roller P7-1200t

Length 1720 mm
Width 2300 mm
Diameter 1100 mm
Core diameter 150 mm
Weight 235 kg
Cover width, max 1900 mm
Cover weight, max 200 kg
Also available as battery powered

The Tarpaulin Roller P7 is available as a manual and battery-powered version.  The battery-powered version is driven by two wheels using a chain transmission. The drive motors move the roller and a gear motor rotates the roll. The device is controlled with a remote control.

The rollers are exchangeable. Two height options, 1335 mm and 1455 mm, are available as standard. The roller support can be moved in transverse direction. This allows by-passing machine on the adjacent beds.

One roll of tarpaulin is included in the basic set-up.


The Tarpaulin Roller P7 has a steel frame and it runs on the rails of a casting bed.


Tarpaulin roller P7-1200t-b                    Battery operated

Tarpaulin roller P7-1200t                        Manually operated


Tarpaulin Roll

Tarpaulin width 1900

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