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Pile Caster P7

The Elematic pile caster P7 is designed to produce high-quality precast concrete piles for foundations. It enables parallel casting in eight molds.

Pile Caster P7-6p

Capacity of concrete hopper (water) 4.0 m3
Driving speed 1-2/10/20 m/min

The pile caster P7 efficiently compacts the concrete to ensure firm and strong precast products. It also includes integrated levelling equipment to ensure a smooth surface finish.


The pile caster P7 has a bridge-model steel frame and four wheels. It is driven by motors on the rails of a specially structured mold while the casting bucket wagon moves on the steel-frame. The casting bucket wagon is equipped with a dosing and vibrating device and a control cabin.


The pile caster P7 comes with thorough and clear operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


Equipment (e.g. driver’s cabin and extra working lights) for outdoor use

Intermediate hopper

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